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3 Horses Equine Athlete Flex-Equine Liquid 1000ml

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product description

High strength soluble formula for the high performance athlete.

Flex Equine Athlete, a liquid formulation, is a nutritional supplement (100% natural) product, formulated for feeding to horses with impaired joint function.  It helps to maintain cartilage and aids in the repair of damaged cartilage.


It is a joint nutriceutical used extensively in equine sports practice, containing Glucosamine, glycosaminoglycans (including chondroitin sulphate), amino acids, chelated manganese, copper and zinc.


Flex Equine Athlete provides 12,000mg of Glucosamine sulphate per recommended daily dose.  This is easily absorbed from the stomach and small intestine before being transported to the chondrocytes in the cartilage where it boosts production of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate.  Products containing Glutamine instead of Glucosamine are broken down by liver and only low levels may reach the cartilage.

The minerals are included in an easily absorbed Chelated form- Manganese is an essential part of the enzyme involved in the synthesis of Chondroitin sulphate- Zinc is an important part of the enzyme that controls the laying down of cartilage protein - Copper is part of the enzyme that controls cartilage collegenproduction- Sulphar plays an important part in the biosynthesis of Glucosamine and collegen.


Flex Equine Athlete should be used whenever impaired joint function limits performance.  It provides maximum levels of highly absorbable Chondroitin sulphate so is ideal for the high performance equine athlete whose joints are subjected to high impact stress.


Flex Equine liquid should be syringed directly onto the back of the tongue, or can be added to the feed.  Because Flex Equine Athlete is all natural ingredients there is nil with holding period prior to competition.

What else should I know?


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Active Ingredients


Glucosamine 12000mg

Pure Chondroitin Sulphate 1800mg

Proline 1914mg

Glycine 3303mg

Zinc Chelate 240mg

Manganese Chelate 360mg

Copper Chelate 482mg


Contains no prohibited substances.


Daily Dose Rate;  1) LOADING DOSE (First 4-6 weeks) Horses 40ml per day (450-500kg), Ponies 20ml per day (225-350kg), 2) MAINTENANCE DOSE Horses 20ml per day (450-500kg), Ponies 10ml per day (225-350kg)



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