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By Lew Johnson, Pharmacist

CoQ10 ,which is a fat soluble substance, resembling a vitamin, and is normally distributed widely throughout the body, and is utilised by the body to aid the transformation of food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP),which provides the energy for body function.


CoQ10 ,which is a fat soluble substance, resembling a vitamin, and  is normally distributed widely throughout the body, and is  utilised by the body to aid the transformation of food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP),which provides the energy for body function.

Fish and meat normally provide the highest concentrations of CoQ10,and it can be found in vegetable oils, some vegetables and avocado,but the amount obtained from these foods is much less than that provided with supplements.

Deficiency of CoQ10 is not fully understood and it may be caused by body synthesis problems rather than dietary insufficiency.

Those individuals who have heart failure, hypertension, diabetes have been reported as having low blood levels of CoQ10,so supplemental doses of this may be of benefit for these conditions.

There appear to be conflicting results in double blind trials in cardiac patients, where eight clinical trials confirmed that  CoQ10 supplementation demonstrated positive results for cardiomyopathy where CoQ10 was shown to improve cardiac function, and improve quality of life and survival rates, and another two reported no benefit from CoQ10 administration. This could well come down to the quality of the trials undertaken and the ability of those conducting the trials to interpret results accurately. Clinical trials have their place in medicine but one should not rely completely on these results due to this conflict in results.

Generally we would recommend a CoQ10 supplement for all of our cardiac patients as we believe it may increase energy production and neutralise free radicals.

For those with Diabetes we would also recommend supplementation with CoQ10,as trials have suggested that those with type 2 diabetes tend to have lower blood levels of CoQ10, and because CoQ10 is required for normal blood metabolism, it makes sense to add CoQ10 to their daily supplement regime, even though the importance of supplementation of CoQ10 remains clinically unresolved.

For those with persistent migraines there have been studies done including a four month double blind trial suggesting that by the fourth month of treatment (150mg CoQ10 daily) produced a 50% reduction in migraines in 48% of those taking CoQ10,where the placebo obtained only a 14% reduction, which is a statistical difference. CoQ10 supplementation may also be of benefit for migraine sufferers.

For those with hypertension there have been preliminary studies and double blind trials with CoQ10 (100mg daily) which have provided significant results in the reduction of blood pressure, so hypertensive patients may benefit from a CoQ10 supplement.

There is evidence that certain medications such as statins, beta blockers and some antidepressant medications may lower blood levels of CoQ10, so it makes sense that supplementation may benefit those who are taking these medicines.

As a supplement, CoQ10 provides many benefits to the body, especially for cardiac, gastric,  immune, liver and brain health, and it may be of use for those under stress and for the elderly as natural body CoQ10 tend to decrease with age.

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