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Calcium is a mineral nutrient which is in our bones and teeth. It is essential to keep our skeletal system healthy, for muscle contraction, nervous and cardiovascular systems, blood clotting and for our immune system. Women in particular need to maintain their calcium levels as they grow older, to maintain strong bone structure.

As it relatively difficult to absorb, calcium supplements often come mixed with other vitamins and/or minerals, which assist with absorption and increase potency. As calcium deficiency is fairly common it is one of the most prescribed mineral supplements.

  • Dairy products, canned salmon (especially the bones) and kelp are the best natural sources of calcium, although it is also found in some nuts and seeds, green vegetables and wholegrains.
  • You should know: People with prostate cancer, chronic kidney disease, or kidney stones should not take calcium supplements without first consulting a doctor.
  • Did you know� Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our bodies. An average male has about 1.5kg of calcium in his bones and teeth.

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