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Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an essential anti-oxidant nutrient for our daily lives. It is often referred to as nature�s medicine kit, and its many properties include antiseptic, immune system support, anti-oxidant, and beautifying qualities for skin and hair. Humans cannot create vitamin C, so we need to get it through our diet, or through supplements.

Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamin supplements, especially during winter, and at times of stress, as it is effective in providing support for those with winter illnesses.

Supplements come in a variety of forms and dosages, and vitamin C can be found in most multivitamin formulas, as well as specific remedies. Your health practitioner or chemist can advise you on what�s best for your needs.

  • Smokers have reported a reduction in craving after taking large doses of vitamin C while quitting, and it is helpful in assisting with detoxification.
  • Did you know� One of the earliest known effects of vitamin C deficiency was scurvy, an agonising and lethal disease which is credited with the deaths of more than two million sailors between 1500 and 1800.
  • Eskimoes didn�t get scurvy, despite the lack of fruit and vegetables in their diet, because raw seal meat has enough vitamin C to ward the dreaded disease off.
  • The connection between vitamin C and scurvy had a tremendous impact on seafarers, and was instrumental in a notable rise in passenger shipping.

Vitamin C
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