Comvita Propolis Tincture Extra Strength PFL30 25ml

  • Comvita Propolis Tincture Extra Strength PFL30 25ml

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Comvita Propolis comes from unspoilt areas of New Zealand.

Comvita Propolis comes from unspoilt areas of New Zealand where deciduous trees produce resin to protect their young buds and exposed areas. Honeybees gather the resin on their back legs and carry it to the hive where they mix it with beeswax and enzymes to make Propolis. Propolis sterilises and seals the hive, protecting it from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Thus Propolis is known as nature s best defence .

Propolis is rich in a certain group of antioxidants called flavonoids (also known as bioflavonoids). Flavonoids are powerful, free-radical scavengers that give strong support to the human body s natural immune system at the cellular level and assist with cell regeneration.

Comvita Propolis Tincture PFL30 is recommended for use on the skin, particularly skin conditions of the feet. Drop directly on the skin to support your skin's natural healing process and to help the body's immune response and defences.Or use orally.

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Active Ingredients

Comvita Propolis Tincture Extra Strength contains Pure new Zealand Propolis 200mg/g (20%) (Equiv to 369mg/g -37%) fresh propolis.


Apply Comvita Propolis Tincture Extra Strength directly to affected areas or mix 3-5 drops in water and drink or gargle up to three times daily.This can be increased if necessary.


propolis may cause severe allergic reactions in allergy sufferers.

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