Balance Restore Energy Powder Lemon Chill 600g

  • Balance Restore Energy Powder Lemon Chill 600g

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Fast delivery of carbs for energy. Electrolyte and amino recovery. Restores cellular balance fast

Maintain your peak performance with Balance Restore Energy Powder. Formulated as an isotonic solution when made as directed, the osmolality is ideal for optimizing hydration and increasing absorption of electrolyte minerals to keep you on top before, during and after the event. Dehydration has a significant effect on performance and a loss of only 2% of body fluids can reduce performance by up to 20%. Research confirms isotonic electrolyte replacement enhances the absorption of fluids, minerals and energy and helps prevent dehydration. Body fluids lost while exercising must be replaced to ensure the water you consume is taken up by muscle tissue.

Balance Restore Energy Powder is formulated in the optimal isotonic form and provides:

*Electrolytes to quickly restore cellular balance and to help prevent cramping after exercise.

*BCAAs replicated at the same ratio as they occur in human muscle to support muscle recovery.

*Five essential mineral salts at optimal levels for fast hydration.

*Potassium, calcium and magnesium at similar levels found in human sweat

*Osmolality of made up solution 325m0sm/L at ideal absorption levels for fast absorption.

*Assists with rehydration with electrolyte formula

*Helps provide sustained energy with added carbs

*Supports muscle recovery and helps avoid muscle breakdown with added BCAAs

*Assists focus and concentration (Plus Caffeine format)

*Great tasting fruit flavours

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Active Ingredients


Serving size: 16g


ENERGY 251kJ (60Cal) PROTEIN 0.3g FAT, TOTAL less than 0.1g - SATURATED less than 0.1g CARBOHYDRATE 14.2g - SUGARS 8.2g - GLUCOSE 1.9g - FRUCTOSE 6.2g - MALTODEXTRIN 5.8g SODIUM 103mg (22.4mmol/L) POTASSIUM 32mg (4.1mmol/L) MAGNESIUM 13.1mg (2.7mmol/L) CALCIUM 24.7mg (3.1mmol/L) CHLORIDE 142mg (20mmol/L)




Use before, during and after exercise as a thirst quencher and to provide additional
energy and electrolytes.

Add 16g (approx 1/3 scoop) to 200mL water and stir until mixed, or add 56g (approx 1 heaped scoop) to 700mLof water and mix. This is your standard sipper bottle.

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