Compeed Cold Sore Patch 15s

  • Compeed Cold Sore Patch 15s

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A discreet way to treat cold sores.

CompeedŽ Distreet Cold Sore Patch is a breakthrough invisible patch that uses a patent-pending ingredient ultra thin hydrocolloid-075 to treat cold sores from start to finish.
Applied with a patent-pending no-touch design, butterfly applicator, the CompeedŽ Cold Sore Patch reduces risk of cross contamination associated with touching the sore. Once applied, the patch covers and seals the cold sore, and provides healing benefits at each stage of the cold sore outbreak:

  • Up to 12 hours non-stop action, as each individual patch is designed to stay in place for up to 12 hours.
  • Contains hydrocolloid to heal fast
  • Acts like a virus shield to reduce risk of contamination from the cold sore
  • Hides the cold sore, as makeup or lipstic can be applied over the patch.

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Each box of CompeedŽ Cold Sore Patchs contains 15 patches. This is sufficient for the treatment of one cold sore outbreak. Also in the box, which is small, discreet and easy to carry in your purse or pocket, you'll find a small mirror to help apply the patch and instructions for use.

When to apply

The CompeedŽ Cold Sore Patch can be applied at the first sign of an outbreak - usually a tingling sensation around the mouth - right until the end of the outbreak when then skin is completely healed.

Prep before application

Wash your hands before application. The patch should be applied to clean, dry skin. Do not use in combination with any cream, as the patch may not stick to the skin. Follow the instructions enclosed with the product.
The patch is applied directly to the cold sore. This protects against further contamination entering the sore and prevents the virus from spreading.

Start by removing the protective film from the mirror in the case before use, and follow these step-by-step application instructions carefully.

Remove the applicator from the wrapper and hold the ends of the applicator using both hands.

Gently pull each end of the applicator, following the arrows on the applicator, until the sticky, adhesive side is half-exposed.

Use the mirror to place the patch correctly. Gently press the half-exposed part of the patch to firmly place the patch over the cold sore.

Slowly pull the end of the applicator down and away from the skin, in a smooth rolling motion until the patch slips from the applicator.

To finish off, gently press the patch to ensure a good seal.


Once the patch is firmly in place, you can apply make-up or lipstick over and around the patch.
If the patch stays on, there is no need to remove it and change it. On average, the patch will stay on for approximately 8 hours. However individual experiences may vary. When it starts to detach from the skin, it should be removed and replaced with a new patch. To remove it easily, gently pull the patch in parallel with your skin.



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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 cold sore patch, 18-5-2018
By: tracy hollows (west coast)

I also buy these for my partner, and yes he likes them, thanks


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